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Father's diet impacts health of baby
Women with breast cancer a third less likely to die if they take multivitamins
Does overall diet in midlife predict future aging phenotypes? A cohort study.
B vitamin supplementation may slow brain atrophy associated with Alzheimer's disease progression
More evidence that probiotics may prevent UTI


Most women who have double mastectomy don't need it
Dietary cadmium exposure and prostate cancer incidence: a population-based prospective cohort study
Probiotics protect against breast cancer
Antioxidant vitamins can prevent deadliest cancer
Artificial butter flavoring ingredient linked to key Alzheimer’s disease process
Low doses, big health effects
"Bad" LDL cholesterol protects against cancer
The benefits of nutritional supplements


Zero deaths from vitamins, minerals, amino acids or herbs



Omega-3 plus glucosamine "superior" for joint health: Study


Breast cancer study heaps more misery on trans-fats
Infection prevention in patients with severe multiple trauma with the immunomodulator beta 1-3 polyglucose (glucan)


"Bad" fats disrupt electricity in heart
Can DHA during pregnancy reduce problems for kids?
Green tea extract may boost blood vessel health
Green tea may halve prostate cancer risk
Green tea spurs detox chemical production
The managed immune system: protecting the womb to delay the tomb
Les lignanes protègent contre les maladies cardiovasculaires coronariennes
Maternal omega-3 consumption boosts offspring's coordination
More omega-3, less omega-6 better for prostates
Omega-3 again linked to Alzheimers protection
Probiotics may help against stomach ulcers
Soy-equol study may lead to better ingredient selection
Study backs isoflavones safety rep for blood clotting
Zinc may boost cancer patients survival


Beta glucan shown to speed up immune response
Chemoprevention of human prostate cancer by oral administration of green tea catechins...
Curcumin could block colorectal cancer hormone
Form of isoflavone affects bioavailability from soymilk
Good Genes Gone Bad
Green tea improves blood lipid levels, say scientists
Omega fatty acids to stop mental decline
Take folic acid to protect against heart disease, say scientists
Tomatoes better than pure lycopene for health, says review


Nutrient combo in avocados may inhibit prostate cancer
Beans may cut the risk of breast cancer
Carnitine supplements may improve sperm mobility
Cholesterol-lowering diet just as good as statins
Effects of glucan treatment on the Th1/Th2 balance in patients with allergic rhinitis
Gamma-tocopherol halts cancer cells in lab study
Gut health may be key to allergy prevention
Kelp can reduce level of hormone related to breast cancer risk
Lifestyle changes can make big difference to heart disease deaths
Malnutrition costs the UK twice as much as obesity
Glucosamine better than common painkiller for knee arthritis
NUTRIENTS: Today's diets can't deliver all we need


Beta glucan provides natural protection against flu, cold, and other pathogenic challenges
Should supplements advise on how to best absorb nutrients?
Antioxidant, B vitamin combo to slow dementia?
Phase I Clinical Trial of Oral Curcumin
Evaluation du bénéfice clinique de Permixon® et de la Tamsulosine dans le traitement de l'HBP sévère
Growth spurt heightens breast cancer risk
Study backs lycopene's protection against prostate cancer
Multivitamins before pregnancy may prevent prematurity
Omega-3s appear to protect against prostate cancer
Omega-3s good for women's health
Do preserved foods increase prostate cancer risk?
Vegetable compound stops breast cancer cell growth
Increased treatment failure after 3-days' courses of nitrofurantoin and trimethoprim for urinary tract infections in women
Vitamin E and lycopene combo tested in humans


Prevention of chemotherapy and radiation toxicity with glutamine


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