Corporate philosophy

The best form of medicine is prevention and a well-balanced diet therefore plays a key role.

Nutrition is often treated in a stepmotherly way; however, it determines the synthesis of genetic material, energy production, the supply of essential substances such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In other words, all necessary substances to keep our body healthy are found in a well-balanced diet.

For the primary proteins we depend on the plant world, more specifically the family of grasses: wheat, rice, millet, maize, oat, barley, rye, (...). At the same time we find that there is something like chemical ecology: depending on their biotopes plants produce certain secondary plant substances which make up our natural defence system against pathogenic bacteria. These secondary plant substances can be useful for us as well; and that is precisely what phytotherapy is all about: the supply of useful nutrients.

It has become clear that nutrition and environmental factors (synthetic substances such as insecticides, pesticides, colourings and flavourings, PCB's, (...)) have a major influence on the incidence of cancer, heart and vascular diseases, diabetes and hypertension.

The concept of 'Functional foods' points to foods with a possible surplus value for health or body functions.

Our food consists of numerous nutrients but of substances with functional properties as well; these substances are called 'bioactive' substances. In the past ten years nutrition science has made progress concerning research into bioactive substances. Bioactive substances are mainly found in vegetable foods (vegetables and fruit, herbs, cereals); research shows that separate nutrients can improve cell-to-cell communication, repair damage to DNA, eliminate toxins, have antioxidative effects, stimulate the immune system.

We notice that few essential substances are left in vegetables and fruit – and if they are not in a sufficient amount - because of the production process in agriculture; moreover, our vegetables and fruit contain many residua which are often harmful in the long term. For this reason, foods with a high density of nutrients can be useful.

It is also important to emphasize that no product contains all nutrients sufficiently: a well-balanced diet therefore is necessary.

An important difference between functional foods and medicines is that – Nutriphyt – food supplements are natural and do not have side effects that are typical of synthetic drugs and synthetic food supplements.

One of Nutriphyt's tasks is Research and Development and to formulate new / better products which contain all essential substances to keep our body healthy. We will see to it that everything is done in a scientifically validated way. This means that only natural and standardized products are being used and only substances which have proved to be useful in a certain indication.

At the same time we would like to inform doctors and paramedics by organizing lectures and conferences on the latest developments. Nutriphyt therefore addresses to specialists, general practitioners, chemists and paramedics.

Nutriphyt NV was established in 2002 by Gabriël Devriendt.

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