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 Product in the spotlight: NEW!

Zinargin® siroop

High-quality zinc complex in
a convenient, tasteful syrup

completely natural

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 Product in the spotlight: NEW!


Complete vitamin B complex enriched with extra methyl donors and glutathione

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 Claim legislation

In the context of the legislation on the communication about food supplements, a commercial firm may only distribute claim-free product information to the public.

The definition and status of a food supplement is legally strictly limited within the limits of "helping to keep a healthy person healthy" (= both European and Belgian legislation).

This was legally laid down in the following European legislation:

This means, among other things, that a commercial company can not suggest a healing and / or curative effect of a food supplement, and that the use of a natural substance must always be seen as only a possible supporting part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

For any suspicion of illness: contact your doctor.

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