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About Nutriphyt

Nutriphyt is a leading Belgian company and offers a wide range of natural and pure health products. Products that contain nature’s code and look after and feed the body up to deep in its cells. Nutrients have been brought together in an optimum synergy and that are the result of an in-depth study into real health. Based on nature’s intelligence.

We are convinced that in order to truly resolve and prevent health problems, pure and natural ingredients must be used and not artificial derived variants. Natural ingredients contain a code that our body recognises.

After all, we are nothing else than nature itself. This recognition means that our body can use these natural ingredients in an efficient manner to ensure it is in the most optimum health condition.

Health is normal and not a detail. We want everybody to have access to health by preventing and curing diseases instead of combating symptoms. This is why we support the human body with our products and provide it with those specific natural ingredients that it really needs.

We do this by bringing together centuries-old traditions and thinking and new technologies. Cross-pollination: cohesion of old and new ideas. Our goal is not just to find the best possible products from natural raw materials, but also to share knowledge about this with both medical professionals and consumers. We maintain close contact with universities to verify our ideas and to substantiate them with scientific research. This ensures that new and surprising paths open up again and again. New paths along which our products can contribute towards health.

Nutriphyt NV
Industriepark-Oost 30 (ZONE E)
B-8730 Beernem
+32 50 20 16 04