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Clean Label

All Nutriphyt food supplements are of 100% guaranteed natural origin. At Nutriphyt we are fully convinced of the importance of natural substances and that is why we go even a step further.
After all, a large part of the Nutriphyt range is already “Clean Label”. This means that a consistent choice is made for only the strictly necessary minimum of non-active substances. These inactive substances are needed to present the active substances in a consumable tablet form or capsule.

100% guaranteed natural origin

The high-quality Nutriphyt products are developed in Belgium where a strict duty of notification applies with regard to dietary supplements. Before a product is allowed, a notification file must be approved by the authorities. This file requires a (bio)chemical analysis certificate that, for example, must prove the lack of harmful substances. You can see that all our products comply with this duty of notification from the notification number that is specified on the Nutriphyt packaging. This is how we always guarantee the 100%
safety and natural origin of our dietary supplements.

From organic to “Clean Label”
We are fully convinced about the importance of natural ingredients and we therefore go the extra mile. In addition to the correctly controlled active ingredients, often excipients are also needed in a dietary supplement to achieve a fully-fledge end product. They may have a synthetic origin or contain lactose, gluten or other unwanted substances. We therefore also check the excipients in our products and this ensure they can be produced completely naturally, free
from allergens, synthetic excipients and both halal and kosher. This is the only way that we can guarantee 100% natural products and our goal is to offer a completely “Clean Label” range.